Success Story: George (now Sam)

George arrived with scrapes on his head, but the friendliest attitude. We took care of his injuries, and thanks to his wonderful personality, George found a home very quickly. George’s new family wanted to be sure that their current cat, Kitty, would accept George into the household. Luckily, in cases like this, we can send […]

Success Story: Mr. Mix

Mr. Mix arrived at the SPCA of Hancock County in late February 2018. He was thirteen years old and weighed 22.5 pounds. Mr. Mix was not a giant Maine Coon cat, though – he was severely overweight. He had become diabetic, and he had trouble moving around because of his weight. Mr. Mix had been […]

Fostering Kittens: How to Get Involved

Are you considering fostering kittens for the SPCA of Hancock County? Here’s how to get started! Our greatest fostering needs for felines are for pregnant/nursing mom cats, and bottle babies. We occasionally have special needs adult cats in need of foster – these can be diabetic cats, cats with behavioral challenges, or other circumstances that […]