First Week Panic – It’s going to be ok!

Step one: See cute animal. Step two: Bring home cute animal.  Step three: Suddenly realize that you’re responsible for the life of a whole other living creature, and PANIC! Sound familiar? Even if you’re sure that you’re ready to bring home a new pet, it’s very common to have a moment (or more) of panic or […]

What exactly is the clicker, anyway? Guest Writer: Jane Young

Did you just bring home a new dog from the SPCA for your two week foster-to-adopt period? Looking for some resources to help your (hopeful!) new family member settle in successfully? This article is the first in our ongoing series to help you through this process. We know adopting a new dog can be overwhelming […]

Success Story: George (now Sam)

George arrived with scrapes on his head, but the friendliest attitude. We took care of his injuries, and thanks to his wonderful personality, George found a home very quickly. George’s new family wanted to be sure that their current cat, Kitty, would accept George into the household. Luckily, in cases like this, we can send […]

Success Story: Mr. Mix

Mr. Mix arrived at the SPCA of Hancock County in late February 2018. He was thirteen years old and weighed 22.5 pounds. Mr. Mix was not a giant Maine Coon cat, though – he was severely overweight. He had become diabetic, and he had trouble moving around because of his weight. Mr. Mix had been […]

Fostering Dogs: How to Get Involved

Are you considering fostering dogs for the SPCA of Hancock County? Here’s how to get started! Our needs for dog fostering vary over the course of the year. We often find that larger dogs have a harder time in kennel situations, and we would love to establish a network of foster homes who are comfortable […]