Happy Monday all! Let's start it off with a jolly Holly story. Holly was an older kitten adopted out earlier this year, and her family recently sent us some updates on how she's doing with her new home, family, and fur siblings. The verdict? Holly is one very happy kitty who is extremely loved! Her wonderful family had this to say: "She is an absolute baby... she is a cuddle bug and we love her so much."


Campaign for Rex

Please help us raise $400 to reach our goal of raising money for Rex's surgery! Rex is a little kitten that needs a big surgery: he needs his left foreleg amputated because it's all gnarled from a birth defect and putting him through pain as he walks wrongly on it. Famous Seamus has already raised money to pay for most of Rex's surgery. If we can raise this final stretch, we'll be all set to go!


Sweet Jasper spent over 6 months in the fields near a friend of Cole, one of our loved employees here at the SPCA. When Jasper first arrived, he was very malnourished and above all, HUNGRY! He didn’t know his limits with food and just kept eating. Eventually, the vet said if he ate the amount he wants to, it’d be cat-astrophic! We’re sure Jasper would eat the world if he could. Other than the over-love for food, he is so calm and cuddly. He was…



Regan is a sassy oh-so-cute and SUPER food motivated girl! She even stole bagels from her first foster home. The next home she went to, she got so jealous of her new mom's food she would bite her before she got a chance to eat it! Obviously, Regan needed a special home to fit her special needs. Soon enough, she was adopted by that purrfect home she was looking for! Quote from her new family: “Regan has fit into our home so well!”


Happy Cat Online Auction

Join us for an online auction to make the lives of the cats at the SPCA more comfortable and healthier! Our volunteers have pulled together to create amazing and unique cat-themed items, and we want to offer them to you at our first no-reserves online auction. This means minimum bids are $1 for every item, so we hope to see a lot of competitive bidding for these wonderful and adorable items that celebrate our feline friends while also fundraising for them! Our goal is to…