Bar Harbor Halloween Costume Sale

In lieu of the Pajama Sale and Bed Races, welcome to this year's new Halloween Costume Sale in Bar Harbor! We'll be between banks by the First National Bank on October 31 from 10am to 2pm offering microchipping, dog nail trims, and of course our special pet toys!

Microchipping Clinic at Stanley Subaru

Saturday, August 22nd 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Microchipping Clinic at Stanley Subaru. Help the SPCA reduce the number of lost pets by getting your pet microchipped on August 22nd! Is your pet already microchipped? The SPCA wants to make sure your pet is returned to you if it ever gets lost! Lifetime microchip registration also available at this event. Star 97.7 is providing radio and live broadcast support for this event!

Shelter Cat Stories: Toby and Tovah

In 2014, two cats came to the shelter together. Their names were Toby and Tovah. This pair of large, somewhat chubby cats could not be separated - Tovah would shake with fear if we separated her from Toby, and Toby would yowl until we put them back together. We adopted them out together, and all was well... for a while. Then Toby found his way back to us. Someone called us - he'd found a cat, it was clearly a stray: declawed, thin, and incredibly…


Microchipping: What is it?

All cats and dogs adopted from the SPCA of Hancock County are microchipped before going home. What is microchipping? And how is it helpful to your pet? First, we always point out what a microchip is not. It is not a GPS - it does not tell you where your pet is located. It is also not visible - people who see your pet roaming at large won’t know that they are microchipped just by looking. (Many people print "I am microchipped" on their pet's…