Adoptable Cat Blueberry by T & Z Pawtraits

Adoptable cat Blueberry posted on our Facebook page, “What do you mean, the people who walked by my cage today all decided not to adopt me? That’s awfully silly of them! Don’t they know what a nice cat I am? That’s humans for you, I guess.” It’s true, Blueberry, not everyone is ready to adopt […]

A Day in the Life of a Shelter Worker – River

It’s 6:55 AM. I’m unlocking the staff door at the SPCA. I can hear the dogs in Canine Intake barking already – “Let us out! Feed us! We can hear you out there, human!” I imagine them saying to me. I’ve already been up since 5 this morning. I fed my cat and my dogs, […]

Questions From You: What’s the longest stay for a cat at the SPCA?

This article is part of a series we’re calling Questions From You. You send us questions, and we post the answers right here on the 4-Paw Post! If you have a question and would like to have it considered for Questions From You, send an email to with the subject line “Questions From You.” […]

Adopting Your Next Cat: Welcome Home (Part 3 of 3)

This is the third article in a series of three. The first two are here and here. So you’ve bought a new litter box, and the cutest bed you could find. You’ve got food and water dishes, picked out the best food you can fit in your budget, and maybe even a cat tree. It’s time […]