Jemma with her new dad!!

For those of you that are familiar with Jemma, she had been searching for the perfect home for nearly 900 days. We have some fantastic news: Jemma went home with her new dad!!

Duncan & Milo

This update comes from two of Maya’s puppies, who are growing ridiculously fast! Duncan and Milo were born this summer but are growing into big boys. Their family says they’re doing great and even bought an Embark DNA test to see what is running through the blood of these hound boys. The results show that […]


Dash is a special boy who is super sweet but maybe needed some help from the right family in learning doggie manners. He has clearly found it! This update comes from Dash’s adopters, and they say it better than we could: “Since Dash joined our family, he’s been a very busy puppy! Along with hiking […]

Mid Month Updates – May

In case you haven’t signed up to receive the SPCA’s Mid-Month Updates, Click Here to read the web version! Mid-Month Updates are shelter success stories we publish each month. If you’d like to receive them in your email inbox as soon as they come out, please subscribe through the link at the bottom of any page of […]