Journey and Karisma: In Memory of a Dear Shelter Friend

  There are two kitties at the shelter right now who are extra precious to us. Their names are Journey and Karisma. They belonged to a dear friend of the shelter who volunteered with us for years. She would always come in with a smile to hold the kittens, fold laundry, help out at the front […]

Shelter Cat Stories: Toby and Tovah

In 2014, two cats came to the shelter together. Their names were Toby and Tovah. This pair of large, somewhat chubby cats could not be separated – Tovah would shake with fear if we separated her from Toby, and Toby would yowl until we put them back together. We adopted them out together, and all […]

Success Story: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that everyone likes. It’s delicious, but not too powerful. It goes well with so many dishes, we can’t even count them. It’s also an apt name for this sweet and loving kitty! Cinnamon is an older cat at 14 years. She came to the shelter after her owner died. Shelter staff […]

Petfinder Sponsor a Pet

You may have heard of Petfinder, one of the most popular online databases for finding an adoptable pet. The SPCA of Hancock County lists our available cats and dogs on Petfinder to help find them homes, but there’s another great benefit that Petfinder offers us! They have a program called Sponsor a Pet. Through this program you […]