Layla and Jemma by T&Z Pawtraits

Remember T&Z Pawtraits’ coloring page design for Simon? Well, it worked for Simon – he’s been adopted! And now we have another beautiful image of Layla and Jemma. Layla and Jemma have been at the shelter for nearly a year. These girls are best buddies and need to go home together. We know that many people aren’t […]

Resource Guarding: What is it, and what can you do about it?

We all have resources that we value, whether it’s our cup of coffee in the morning, our favorite armchair, or quality time with our best friend. This is true for dogs, cats, and other species as well! A valued resource is something that we’ll seek out deliberately, and be reluctant to give up if someone […]

Safety Cord Donation Drive: Bold Lead Designs supports animal rescue!

DONATION DRIVE UPDATE 9.8.2018: The donation drive was a big success! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We exceeded our goal of 30 cords – you purchased 53 for us! Wow! You also gave us $45 in store credit at Bold Lead Designs so that we can purchase other equipment such as harnesses […]

T & Z Pawtraits helps shelter cats by making beautiful art!

Our Facebook follower and supporter, T & Z Pawtraits, has made this gorgeous coloring page: Do you recognize the cat in the image? It’s adoptable cat Simon! He has been featured here on the 4-Paw Post before: Pet of the Week: Simon. To help Simon get adopted, T & Z Pawtraits is offering this coloring page for […]


If you have ever had a cat, or thought about having a cat, you have probably heard about declawing. Many people grew up thinking that declawing is a normal or even necessary procedure for indoor cats – whether to protect their home from scratching behaviors, or simply because “that’s what you do.” However, the data […]