Resource Guarding: What is it, and what can you do about it?

We all have resources that we value, whether it’s our cup of coffee in the morning, our favorite armchair, or quality time with our best friend. This is true for dogs, cats, and other species as well! A valued resource is something that we’ll seek out deliberately, and be reluctant to give up if someone […]

Leave It: How to get your dog to ignore stuff they can’t have

Dogs are opportunistic – you may have heard this before. When a dog sees or smells something interesting, they put it in their mouth first and ask questions later. We humans often put dogs in environments where we don’t want them to do this, and it can cause heartbreak when they eat something that’s not […]

Teaching your cat to target

You just brought your new cat home from the SPCA. You’ve set up a room just for them to settle in and get their bearings, with their food, water, litter box, and some toys.  Hooray! But, when you let Kitty out of their carrier, they won’t come out – or they zip right out of […]

First Week Panic – It’s going to be ok!

Step one: See cute animal. Step two: Bring home cute animal.  Step three: Suddenly realize that you’re responsible for the life of a whole other living creature, and PANIC! Sound familiar? Even if you’re sure that you’re ready to bring home a new pet, it’s very common to have a moment (or more) of panic or […]