Some of our longtime supporters who are used to bringing their bottles to our tent in the parking lot have noticed that there is a sign saying the bottle collection is closed. We are immensely grateful to our community for showing such support by recycling on behalf of our animals. Due to the overflow of bottles in our tent, and the strain it currently puts on local redemption centers, we have put a temporary hold on receiving redeemable bottles and cans at our parking lot redemption tent until the tent is completely emptied.

However, we are still using the CLYNK redemption program, so anyone looking to support our cats and dogs by recycling is welcome to grab as many bags with our unique tags on them as desired. We have a tote set in front of of the tent to accommodate our supporters. The benefit of the CLYNK bags is that you can bring them to your local Hannaford and when you scan our special tag, the redemption goes right to our account.

Thank you all for your immense support!