Many of you might already know that we are proud to be a designated ‘No Kill Shelter’. This means that we are dedicated to the rehabilitation of even less adoptable pets, helping them to overcome behavioral and medical issues so that they can find their new forever homes.

Although this methodology requires greater resources and time, the rewards and affects that this has on our community makes it all worthwhile. Our staff, volunteers, adopters, and supporters are assured that we always put the best interests of the animals as our first priority.  In turn, this builds a compassionate, united, and strong community.

Similarly, we have also become a dedicated “Fear-Fear Shelter.” The mission of the Fear-Fear Curriculum is to: “Prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.” This curriculum teaches how to identify symptoms of stress and then how to assist that animal to overcome its stress with practical solutions.

All staff members are required to become certified in this free curriculum, and even volunteers are encouraged to enroll as well. For almost a whole year, our entire staff has been certified and committed to this approach!

Examples of Fear-Free Solutions:

  • Giving an animal a sense of privacy when scared or nervous. (by hanging a curtain or blanket across their door, posting signs, or moving them to a low-traffic area.)
  • Selecting a color palette that reduces stress in animals and humans.
  • Ensuring that each animal has familiar toys and blankets, preferably with their scent for comfort. 

Do you receive our monthly Pet-Pal Letters?

These letters are a great way to connect and engage with the animals that you are helping to save. Help to sponsor essentials like food and medicine, as well as enrichment like toys and treats, and an animal here at the shelter will send you a personalized letter and keepsake picture!