It’s been nearly 20 years since the Shelter has had a fresh coat of paint, and as you can imagine we were beginning to wear around the edges! Thus we were so excited when a passionate volunteer Lori Verwey approached our director and expressed that she wanted to spearhead a painting project and give us a fresh new look. Not only was Lori offering to donate her time, but also all the paint and materials.

Lori, and several other dedicated volunteers, came after hours for several days in order to complete this work. Another fun surprise was the fun appliques that Lori sprinkled around the shelter. The new color and fun stickers make our staff and visitors smile all the time. (As we write this post, a person out in our lobby right now is commenting on it!)

A sincere thank you goes to Lori, (and Jane, Janet, and Tina!). Also to the many volunteers who help our shelter to stay spiffy. Many others regularly tidy and organize our front lobby, or mow and weed-whack our outside areas. Truly, we could never do all this work alone. It is heart-warming and encouraging to feel this kind of support!

Did you know? 

Blues and violets are emotionally calming and can reduce stress in animals. In fact, this color of blue is an excellent “Fear-Free choice”. 


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